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"Strive to identify and eliminate the failure mode or diminish its frequency and/or magnitude being ever cognizant of how the change will affect the process, the environment, and the safety of the Operations and Maintenance personnel involved. Balance the cost of change with various alternatives and define their associated limitations with their inherent risks."

FAILURE ANALYSIS CONSULTING SERVICES (Rates and fees available upon request)

  • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION - The world is just an email away! Contact Mr. Adler directly

  • Assist with failure analysis photographic interpretation and classification of SEM, fractographs, EDX, microstructure, and failure scene pictures (via email or on site)

  • Assist with determining the best path forward with the failure analysis (via email or on site)

  • On site failure analysis of rotating and stationary equipment

MATERIAL SPECIFICATION CONSULTING SERVICES (for rotating and stationary equipment)

  • Review and research material specification for application suitability in corrosive and high temperature service


  • Review API 610 Pump Data Sheets and Seal Flush Plans for bid specification compliance and make recommendations as appropriate
  • Review proposed pump curves versus design point and operating range for application suitability
  • Review material specification for application suitability in corrosive and high temperature service


  • Holds Professional Mechanical Engineer licenses in Kansas (8180) and Wyoming (8424); both are active and in good standing
  • Over 35 years of failure analysis field experience troubleshooting rotating and stationary equipment problems; and designing solutions
  • General familiarity with: calciners, centrifuges, compressors (axial, centrifugal, reciprocating, screw), conveyors (belt, chain), crushers (hammer), elevators (bucket), fans (ID, FD), gears and gearboxes, kilns, mechanical seals, motors, pressure vessels, piping, pumps (API, ANSI, axial, centrifugal), and steam turbines (positive pressure, condensing)
  • Worked for several Fortune 500 companies in the petrochemical, oil refining, specialty chemical (i.e. cyanide, dichlorobenzidene, phosphate, soda ash), and pharmaceutical industries
  • American Society of Metals, Materials Engineering Institute course studies in: Corrosion, Failure Analysis, Fractography, Welding Metallurgy, Welding Inspection and Quality Control
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis course studies through: Kepner Tregoe and the Reliability Center Inc

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