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  • Reliability Center Inc.: Lots of free and practical information. There is a lot of history behind this company and a lot of it is written into the articles.


  • The Hendrix Group - Materials and Corrosion Engineers: Lots of free and useful information. The Hendrix Group specializes in preventing, investigating, and solving problems involving mechanical and corrosion-related failures of equipment, components, and products. Their pages give details of the services they offer. In addition, a selection of corrosion and materials data is offered. This includes almost 50 corrosion
    photographs in colour, and a glossary of terms. Metal and alloy material property pages contain corrosion and material properties on such alloys as stainless steels and copper alloys, and a pictorial primer on ferrous metallurgy.
  • Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Exchange: For more information about the DoDCE you can visit the site and select “About DoD Corrosion Exchange” in the menu on the left and review the Exchange’s “Vision and Goals”. The DoD Corrosion Exchange is a free site; therefore, there are no charges for reciprocal linking, membership, services or tools.

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